Healing Our Families

Healing Our Families: Healing the Parent-Child Relationship

Healing Our Families: Healing the Parent-Child Relationship is a communication course for parents. This 6-lesson training teaches parents how to engage with their children in healthier ways to improve the quality of their relationship.

Parents will learn:

  • 6 main mistakes parents make that shut down communication
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication triggers
  • How to talk to their child
  • How to regain their child’s respect
  • How to get their child to want to communicate
  • How to advocate for their child in ways that build trust

Parents will gain:

  • Online access to the course and course materials
  • Access to their purchased course on their iPhone or Android (using the free Udemy app)
  • Journal reflection questions for deeper healing work
  • Live, in-person instruction, and Q & A
  • Certificate of Completion

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Megan Barella,
Positive Parenting Coach & Happy Home Guide

“This course is an amazing guidebook and how to for raising confident and secure children through creating a lifelong positive relationship with them. I love all the practical parenting tips and tools that are both simple and effective, as well as the journal reflection questions to help us as parents integrate our experiences. I highly recommend this course to other parents!” meganbarella.com

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