S.I.S.T.A. Girls Empowerment Workshops

S.I.S.T.A. is an empowerment program for young ladies in 4th through 9th grades that promotes social emotional learning through guided group discussions on the topics of self-confidence and wise decision-making.

S.I.S.T.A. supports girls in developing their social emotional skills. Through high engagement sessions where students are reading, viewing videos, discussing their own experiences, reviewing case studies, setting goals, we teach young ladies to:

  • Recognize the feelings and perspectives of others
  • Recognize individual and group similarities and differences
  • Use communication and social skills to interact effectively with others
  • Develop confidence to communicate and contribute in group discussions, and
  • Learn to support peers through verbal and nonverbal communication

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Marlene Dillon, MACM
Empowerment Specialist

“The thing I love most about workshops is witnessing the transformations. By creating a safe space for girls to learn, share, and communicate, it’s amazing to see how the girls walk in one way and leave another. Usually the ones that are most reluctant initially, end up being the most eager participants. We cover real topics and seeing the girls heal before my eyes gives me a greater sense of purpose than I could ever describe…. By the end of the workshops the girls are apologizing to each other, apologizing to their teachers. I’ve even been blessed to witness a young lady coming out to her family at one of our workshops. There is such a beautiful atmosphere created when we intentionally create a safe space. The girls know it and major transformations take place. “

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